Office opens at 8am and closes at 6pm
Check-In is 12pm noon CST
Check-In for Cabins is 2pm CST
Check-Out is 10am CST
Late Arrivals:
- If arriving after 6pm CST and you have not paid/reserved a site, please take a map by the office door if you'd like and check in first thing in the morning.
- If you have already reserved and paid for your site online, you must check in the next morning between 8am and 9am CST. We tape a packet for anyone that hasn't checked in by office close time to the office door. Your packet will have your name on it, and enclosed will be the rules page and a map with a highlighted route to your site.

Waiver and Release of Liability is required to be signed by all guests 18 years and older
Belle Ridge is not responsible for items left in vehicles. Please lock your doors
Belle Ridge has permission to use any photograph taken throughout a guest's stay for advertising purposes
Belle Ridge is family oriented and guests understand there is a 5mph speed limit in the campground and 20mph on the trails
Day Use guests must leave the park no later than 6:00pm CST, and other site guests must leave by 10:00pm CST.

Must be reserved with a credit card.
We do not charge additional fees for basic housekeeping after your departure. However, a minimum of $50 will be charged to your credit card if cabin is not left in the same condition in which you reserved it. Beds do not need to be made.
You will also be charged for any damaged furniture, fixtures, etc.
You may use the laundry room behind the office if desired.
No pets allowed in cabins.

Between 10pm and 8am CST
Children should be at their campsite and/or supervised by 9:00pm CST.
ATVs/UTVs Do not drive ATVs/UTVs during quiet hours.
Generators: No rules currently governing generators unless they disturb other guests. This rule may be amended at any time.
Pets: RV guests with pets that continuously bark may be forced to relocate to a Caribou Loop site. (which is closest to the highway, but also closest to the future dog park). Refusal to relocate will result in loss of remainder of reservation without refund.

A reasonable number of visitors are welcome.
All visitors must register at the office upon arrival and pay a guest fee of $3.00 per person.
Visitors must leave the campground by 10pm CST.
Extra vehicles must not block the roads, and overflow should move to designated parking areas.

Pets are welcome but must be kept on a leash at all times.
Pets are not to be left unattended.
No pets allowed in camp store, restrooms, playground, or cabins.
All pets must be cleaned up after (no messes for other campers to find).
No pets allowed in the water or on the beach.
RV guests with pets that continuously bark may be forced to relocate to a Caribou Loop site. (which is closest to the highway, but also closest to the future dog park). Refusal to relocate will result in loss of remainder of reservation without refund.

Camp Fires
A small campfire may be built in the fire ring provided at each site.
Fires may never be left unattended.
All fires must be extinguished before retiring for the night.
No burning of metal or plastic.

Fire Wood
Firewood may be purchased at the camp store or you may use any fallen/dead wood found in the woods to burn.
Do not remove bark from standing trees.
Chopping or cutting wood is not permitted.
Do not bring any firewood to the campground as tree destroying pests are a major issue.
Unburned firewood may be stacked neatly by a tree at your site. You may also benefit from others’ unused wood.

Trailers should be parked either in your site, in designated parking, or in the field at the power lines (road off of RV-C Section, North East end of campground).
Never drive off the main roads or trails.
Never drive through empty RV sites, tent sites, or grass/fields.
Speed Limit 5mph speed limit for all vehicles in campground and 20mph speed limit on trails.
4-wheel drive is required for driving on the trails.
All ATVs/UTVs must be registered at office.
Quiet Hours: No driving ATVs/UTVs during quiet hours.
Age Restrictions: Children must be 16 years or older to drive ATVs/UTVs. Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult while riding on the trails.

Permitted at campsites only.
Trails: No one under the influence may drive on the trails. Trails can quickly become exceedingly dangerous or deadly if inebriated.
No alcohol allowed on trails.
Especially no alcohol by the children’s playground.
Beer is sold in the camp store.

Not permitted in any campground buildings, including cabins or the playground.
Be mindful of others if smoking at the pavilion.

Swimming is only allowed at Rock Pond Beach.
No life guard on duty.
Children must always be accompanied by an adult.
No jumping off the rock ledge.
No pets allowed in the water or on the beach.
Swim at your own risk.

Laundry Room
Open the same hours as the office.
All laundry detergent must be “HE” (High Efficiency). (Using non HE detergent will overflow the machine, and our water efficient washers do not use enough water to get all the non-HE detergent from fabric.
Extra quarters for washing available in the office.

Book Exchange
Books are free in the laundry room, but if you keep one it must be replaced with another family-friendly book.

Please respect other campers and use designated roads, crosswalks and paths.
Please also respect the private residence just behind the office.
If you move a picnic table or fire ring, please put it back where you found it.
Grey Water: Do not spill any grey water on the ground (Tennessee law).
Fireworks and Firearms are strictly forbidden for the safety of everyone.
Garbage: Bag and tie garbage and place in dumpster or garbage cans by bath house and pavilion. Garbage bags available at camp store if needed.
Bicycle Riding: all children 16 years old or younger must wear a helmet under Tennessee law.

Belle Ridge Retreat is a privately owned and operated facility.
Belle Ridge reserves the right to refuse service to and/or expel any person(s) displaying behavior we deem to be inappropriate. I also acknowledge and understand that even though Belle Ridge Retreat makes every reasonable effort to provide a secure environment, the security of my person, my belongings, and all persons and belongings in my party are my sole responsibility and I agree to hold Belle Ridge, LLC harmless in any and all claims arising from any incidents that may occur during my stay.

New Guests: During business hours (8am to 6pm), we will have someone to open the gate for new guests. If you are arriving after 6pm, please follow the instructions on the guard booth. You can write us on facebook or the website at any time before midnight and we can normally get back to you within a minute.
Existing Guests: At any time you may use your Key Fob to open the Entrance Gate.
Key Fob: Guests who wish to have access to the park after hours should get a Key Fob. There is a refundable deposit of (TBD). When you check out, just place the fob in the drop box by the office door or to office personell and we will process your refund.
If you change your reservation length while here, we will update your key fob's access credentials accordingly and remotely. There is no need to bring it in for us to update.

Yes, but it must stay on the pad, not the dirt/grass if at an RV site. A tent at a cabin must remain in the back yard, not in the grass. There is a $5/tent charge, and the standard fee of $3/person/day will still apply. (Each site includes two guests, so if there are four people staying at the site with one tent that's an additional $6/day for two additional guests plus $5 flat rate for the tent)

Follow the walkway that goes to the left of the office. Machines accept quarters only. There is a change machine in the laundry room and it's open 24/7.

It is roughly 1.5 miles from the office and takes between 45 minutes to an hour and a half on foot. Keep in mind this is a 610' drop in elevation.

This is a hard question to answer as the terrain is too rough to measure with a wheel, and our hiking trails follow a 60+' bluff which prevents GPS tracking. Hiking the Red to Blue trail to Bridal Falls takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

No; we require 4 wheel drive and the machines may not be over 70" wide. ATVs are allowed, but we highly recommend against their use on our trails due to the difficulty for smaller, lighter machines.

Not currently, however we stocked Emerald Cove with bass and bluegill late 2018. Once the fish population has stabilized we will allow catch and release only.

The age restriction to rent a cabin is 18 years old.

Yes, we are open on all holidays and year round.

Exit 301 on I40

They are, however there is an additional $25 cleaning fee.

No, we currently do not.

All of our RV pads are equipped with 20 30 and 50 amp outlets. They also have water, septic, and are within WiFi range of our WiFi towers.

We do sell and swap out 20lb propane tanks, yes.

It is a $10 charge to bring your own ATV/UTV while staying with us that pass is good for up to a week.

We have weekly rates listed on the website, which is currently 25% off the nightly rate. Please call for monthly rates, as this changed depending on the time of year.

Please click the button at the top of this page that says "Cancellation Policy" under the the navigation bar to fiew the cancellation fee table.

It is posted on the website at 8AM whether the UTV trails will be open or closed. You may also call our phone number and the automated assistant will tell you if the trails are currently open or closed. Trails are generally closed for two days after 1.5" of rain in a single day, or longer if it remains cloudy with high humidity.

Yes, it is $20 per dump if you are not camping with us.

It is 11' deep and about 9' deep at the rock wall edges.

No we do not, but we do have high speed wifi towers throughout our campground.

Campers with their own machines must be back to their site at quiet time (10pm).

1.4 miMonterey Depot Museum & Train Station

1.5 miMonterey Parks & Recreation

1.5 miPublic Pool

1.4 miFirst Baptist Church

1.5 miMonterey United Methodist Church

1.8 miChurch of Christ

0.8 miShell

0.8 miMonterey Quick Stop

2.1 miMountain View Market

0.8 miBethel Inn

2.2 miThe Garden Inn

0.8 miBurger King

0.8 miSubway

0.8 miPizza Box

0.9 miTaco Bell

1.1 miDairy Queen

1.1 miIntegrity Restaurant & Bakery (Take-out & Dine-in)

1.4 miHardee's

1.2 miMonterey Treasure Hunt

1.4 miMonterey Foods Grocery

1.5 miPhillips Shoe Store

1.5 miBuckner's Casual Wear

1.5 miReba's Flower Shop

1.6 miFamily Dollar

1.6 miSave-a-Lot

1.6 miDollar General

1.4 miKP Pet Grooming

1.7 miPharmacy - Monterey Drugs

1.7 miUS Post Office

*Non-Holiday Date Reservations are any reservation in which every night staying does not fall on a "Holiday Date". Please click the header below to see Holiday Dates.

  ≤2 Days Until Arrival ≤7 Days Until Arrival >7 Days Until Arrival
RV Sites $15 $10 Full Refund
Cabins $15 $10 Full Refund
Tent Sites $5 Full Refund Full Refund
Golf Carts $10 $5 Full Refund
Events Full Refund Full Refund Full Refund

*Holiday Date Reservations are any reservation in which any night staying falls on a "Holiday Date". We recognize the following holidays for the purpose of cancellation fee calculation:

  Memorial Day Weekend
  Independence Day Weekend
  Labor Day Weekend

**Holiday Weekends include the exact holiday date as well as the Saturday and/or Sunday immediately before/after.
For example: Memorial Day 2020 is on Monday, May 25th. For the purpose of calculating Cancellation Fee, we consider Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th as Holiday Dates.

  ≤2 Days Until Arrival ≤7 Days Until Arrival >7 Days Until Arrival
RV Sites 1 Night $15 $10
Cabins $25 $15 $10
Tent Sites 1 Night $5 Full Refund
Golf Carts $10 $10 Full Refund
Events Full Refund Full Refund Full Refund